sarah (softerwaves) wrote in sk_y,


welcome to sk_y zine's lj community. i plan on posting updates, previews, and topic suggestion entries for my zine, sk_y, in this lj.

what is sk_y?
sk_y was inspired by various books and websites where people showed off their photos, quotes, music reviews, collages and stories. i have recently become interested in indie fashion magazines such as metropop, and would like to incorporate a little fashion into my zine as well as the above.
how do i subscribe?
post a comment on the subscriptions post.
can i contribute?
right now i'm not taking submissions, but i may change my mind later. if you really want something put in the zine, you can email me to request it.
how can i contact you?
my email adress is
if there are any questions you would like adressed, please comment here.
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